For the month of April we are offering a special discount for Mary Kay Cosmetics Agents.

We receive a lot of inquiries and orders from Mary Kay Agents and this month we wanted to thank them with the monthly discount voucher code. (found below)

Of course, anyone receiving this monthly news letter can use the discount code for purchases at our site.

If you have a business or organization that purchases our type of products frequently contact us, We can arrange for a special discount code voucher for your business or organization.

April Product Spotlight!

Self Inking Rubber Stamp Ink Pen – The Rubber Ink Stamp Pen is available in five different colors. The Rubber Stamp part allows for 3 lines of text 21 characters long.

These Stamper Pens have uses for just about everyone and are highly useful in the medical, legal, and financial professions. They are perfect as a notary public stamp. These stamps can be used simply as a return address on an envelope, to accurate documentation of medical and legal records, and in any capacity where tedious forms require the same information on a repeat basis.

April 2006 Discount Voucher Code: april06

Mary Lay users please use code: marykay

To use the discount voucher code, just simply input the word march in the voucher code box of our site’s shopping cart system.

Thank you for your interest in our web site, products & services.