(Letter from one of our customers)

I just thought i would contribute..

For this Christmas Holiday season I thought I would just get a head start on all my Christmas cards that I will be sending out, seems I send out about 200 or so Christmas cards each year and most times wait until last minute..so this year I just bought a pack of assorted Christmas cards , 300 count and came up with this idea to make the task simple and easy, I actually did it all last night in one hour time.

First I used my neat self inking rubber stamp that makes an impression in red color that just says:
Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
Price Family
(I purchased this self inking rubber stamp at this site
www.affordableaddresslabels.com.com for few dollars
i purchased the Cosco Printer 40 see below picture (so easy to use)

rubber stamps


So I used that to stamp the inside of all my Christmas card with the above text.
Then for the mailing envelopes I used these cute address labels that I purchased at the same site www.affordableaddresslabels.com
I chose these address labels
Season Greetings Address Labels

They have few other styles, but i liked this one best because of the colors..
So there is my contribution to your website blog.
Like I said I did all my Christmas greeting cards in about an hour time.

Thanks for the great products!